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Apr 8

Slab Leaks can create serious problems for homeowners.


Edwardsville, IL plumbing companies are typically reluctant to tackle work on slab leaks. They're complex and require lots of work. Some firms will require customers to repipe rather than fixing the problem.

Slab leaks are an additional reality in areas that have soils that are unstable. The homes are constructed on concrete slabs or using beam and pier construction as basement walls can crack or crack due to the pressure from shifting soils.

The popularity of slab construction grew after the war because it was faster and less expensive than pouring a basement foundation. The slab is laid directly on top of a prepared surface. It is reinforced by the rebar, and measures 4"-6" in thickness. The slab lies below plumbing lines, which makes it difficult to access.

Sometimes, the plumbing joints fail or the pipes crack beneath the slab, and you're dealing with one of the most grave issues you can imagine the slab leak.

The soil gets eroded when water is pushed under the home. The slab will fall in support, and may cause cracks. It may also put more stress on the slab and cause cracks that can be up to 1 inch in width. All that water will now be flowing straight to your home.

Depending on the severity the leak is, you may experience serious water damage to your flooring or walls, furniture appliances and more. It's easy to imagine, fixing a leak beneath tonnes of concrete isn't a walk in the park It's certainly not a DIY plumbing project. Often, the concrete has to be removed around the site of the leak so that the pipe can be deconstructed and then repaired.

Focused Plumbing is your go to plumber Belleville IL.  We are confident in our ability to repair slab leaks, thanks to the knowledge and experience of our qualified technicians. We are one of the few companies in the St. Louis area that will fix slab leaks and at a reasonable fee.

There are a variety of possible ways slab leaks may occur but these are the most prevalent.

  • Poor installation--During construction, it is not uncommon for building materials to be damaged. However, if the harm occurs to your pipes or the pipes underground are not properly installed at the start slab leaks could develop.

  • Foundational shifts - In some cases , slab leaks could be caused by a house's foundation shifting.

  • Abrasion--If the pipes in your home were constructed near concrete, gravel or other pipes, they could get smashed against the materials and aren't able to expand once the temperature is cooling down.

  • The addition of soil could result in gradual corrosion of pipes as time passes.

There are numerous ways homeowners can experience slab leaks. For instance the cost of water could suddenly spike, you could feel water running throughout your home, even without any appliances running or on, or mold and moisture could form underneath your carpeting. It is also possible to find standing water around the perimeter of your home, and notice a sudden drop in water pressure.

Intensive soil shifting is the primary cause for slab leaks

While the type of material and how they are installed in under-slab plumbing can result in slab leaks most likely the main reason is shift of the expansive soils homes are built on. According to the American Society of Civil Engineers 25% of homes in America are affected by soils that are expansive. Mine subsidence could be an issue for many homes in the Midwest. This mine subsidence can cause irreparable harm to homes.

The financial cost alone is huge. Minerals that absorb water can cause mine subsidence as well as expansive soils to expand. When the soil expands, it is bent and weakens plumbing pipes and connections.

A slow slab leak is flowing water into the soil beneath the home that causes soil expansion that ultimately can result in significant damages. The buildup of pressure underneath a slab is released someplace. Pressure upward eventually finds its way to any weak point or cracks in the slab. Carpets and floors made of hardwood may form wet areas. In extreme instances the floor could explode like a geyser and inundate the home.

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