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Three Possible Causes of Low Water Pressure in Your Home

Mar 7

Three Possible Causes of Low Water Pressure in Your Home

The water pressure in your home may have a significant impact. It can make a great difference in how quickly you clean your dishes and how satisfying a hot shower feels after a hard day.

If it's difficult to rinse the shampoo out of your hair or fill the bathtub takes forever, it might be due to low water pressure. While it is inconvenient, low water pressure does not usually indicate major plumbing issues.

Low water pressure can sometimes be readily remedied. Other times, you may require the assistance of a professional. In this easy-to-read blog, we'll go through three frequent causes of low water pressure.

Examine Your Main Shutoff Valve

Making ensuring the main cutoff valve is in the proper position will help to enhance water pressure. Why?

The main cutoff valve serves as a point of entry for water into your home. The amount of water that may travel through will be limited if this valve is not fully opened. Similarly, closing the valve entirely cuts off the water flow.

Let's begin by inspecting the primary cutoff valve. It can be found in your basement or on the outer wall of a utility room in your home. If you look at the outside of your house, it may be on the street side. Water from the city will frequently infiltrate the roadway and find its way to you.

If your primary shutdown valve is operated by a wheel-like handle, spin it completely counterclockwise. If it's a lever handle, the pipe and handle must be parallel.

The primary cutoff valve is controlled by your household. If you've recently had plumbing work done, it's probable that the main shutoff valve was altered and not reinstalled to its proper location.

Is your water meter valve completely open?

The water meter valve, like the main cutoff valve, is a primary water source that affects water pressure. The water meter valve, on the other hand, belongs to the city, as opposed to the main shutdown valve.

We do not advocate tampering with the water meter valve unless you are in an emergency situation and have no other choice. It never hurts to double-check.

The water meter valve is normally located immediately next to your water meter. The valve is open if the water meter handle is parallel to the supply line or water pipe. Water flow is varied when the handle is turned at an angle.

Contact your local water agency if the water meter valve has to be modified. They will advise you on the next actions and discuss your water pressure problems with you. If you have lately had problems with your water pressure regulator, now is the time to notify them.

Hot Water Heater Issues

Believe it or not, and this is true, your hot water heater may alter both hot and cold water pressure. The following are two typical causes of low water pressure from a hot water heater.


Hard Water Buildup: Minerals and other sediments, including rust, will collect within the water heater tank and associated pipes over time. The more buildup there is, the less space there is for water to move. Depending on where the accumulation occurs, the movement of water into and/or out of the system might be hampered.
Water Heater Valve: A shut-off valve is located on each water heater. Your home's water pressure will be reduced if the shut-off valve is closed and not fully reopened. Returning the water heater valve to the "Open" position will boost water pressure and restore normal water pressure.
Please be cautious! Water heaters produce a great deal of pressure and might be harmful. To avoid an accident, leave water heater repair to Arizona plumbing professional services.

Check with your local water department.

Contact your local water agency if you require confirmation of water use on your utility bill. The water department can also look into your household's water use history.

Despite being a valuable resource, municipal water departments are often solely concerned with the piping and equipment that they own. They may not be able to give a response unless the situation falls within their scope of duty.


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