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Do you have a plumbing leak?

Jan 24

Do you have a plumbing leak?

By Peoria Plumbers

Hidden plumbing leaks can be one of the worst problems you might encounter with your plumbing system. We have met many homeowners who know there is something wrong with their plumbing system but can't confirm it. We are here to help.

When it comes to your plumber in Peoria, AZ, we understand what you need. Our team is ready to assist you. We make it simple for you. We can also help you through the whole process.

Here are the Key Signs that you have a plumbing leak

These are just a few indicators that there is a serious problem with your home’s plumbing system.

Ceilings or walls damaged

Are you seeing strange spots on your ceilings and walls? You may notice these spots on your floors, depending upon how your pipes run through the house. These spots can be a sign of a water problem. Our professionals will locate the leak and repair it for you.

Mold or Mildew

Do you notice visible mold or mildew around your home? This can affect any area of your home that is moist. Most mold and mildew are found in bathrooms so any other areas should be considered a red flag. It is important to get professional help if you find mold or mildew. Both of these conditions can be harmful to your health.

An increase in your water bill

If your monthly water bill is increasing and you haven't done any other changes to your home, then you might have a leaky pipe. Your plumbing system is crying out for help when your water bills go up. This warning should be heeded by calling a professional.

Foul Odors

It's strange-smelling in your home. You can't find the source. You might smell mold or mildew if this is the case. There might be stale or stagnant water in your home. These scents can be alarming. We guarantee to find the problem quickly if you hire our experts.

Low Water Pressure

Have you noticed a decrease in the water pressure at your home? Low water pressure can be a problem, even if it drops by a little. Your water pressure must be steady and consistent. If your water pressure isn't rising as it should, you can get plumbing repairs. You might have a leaky pipe that is affecting the quality of your home.


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